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【体育外围官网】The headline of IDCs quarterly report on the state of the global mobile phone market Friday was that smartphone shipments, on the strength of their 41.6% year over year growth, overtook feature phones for the first time. The overall cellphone market, by contrast, grew an anemic 4%.IDC于本周五公布了关于全球手机市场现状的季度报告,其中的头条新闻是:凭借年同比快速增长41.6%,智能手机出货量首度多达功能手机。相比之下,整体手机市场只快速增长了区区4%。Phone users want computers in their pockets, says IDCs Kevin Restivo.IDC分析师凯文·雷斯蒂沃称之为:“手机用户们都期望自己口袋里揣着的手机可以相媲美电脑。”With the usual caveat that of the top three vendors, Apple (AAPL) and Nokia (NOK) publish shipment figures and Samsung doesnt, we offer IDCs estimated market share data for all mobile phones — smart and otherwise — as a pair of matched pie charts.我们以两张对应的饼图,分别呈现出IDC估算的智能手机与非智能手机的市场份额数据。

依照惯例,我们要警告大家:销量前三名的厂商中,苹果(Apple)和诺基亚(Nokia)发布了发货量,但三星(Samsung)没。A few things to note:请注意以下几点:LG and ZTE have switched placesLG和中兴(ZTE)互相交换了位次Nokia continues to hemorrhage market share (down 25% year over year)诺基亚的市场份额之后大幅度大跌(同比上升25%)Research in Motions (BBRY) Blackberry, No. 4 last year, has fallen off the top 5 vendor listResearch in Motion的黑莓(Blackberry)去年在所有手机厂商中排名第4,而如今已跌出前五名Apples growth is down to single digits (from 88.7% year over year in Q1 2012 to 6.6% in Q1 2013)苹果增长速度上升到个位数(2012年第一季度,苹果公司同比快速增长88.7%,而今年一季度,这个数值仅有为6.6%)Despite nearly 29% growth year over year, as IDC estimates it, Samsung is still dwarfed by Others.IDC估算,尽管三星年同比快速增长近29%,但它的出货量依然多于前五名之外其它所有厂商的总发货量。。



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